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Our story.

Our Vision

Service & relationships.

At the heart of our vision is a commitment to unparalleled service and lasting relationships. We believe in transforming the real estate journey into an experience, where personalized service and genuine relationships lead to success. Discover a vision that goes beyond transactions – it’s about creating enduring connections in every home we help you find or sell.

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Our History

Anil Bindal (Managing Director)

Anil Bindal, our Managing Director and visionary leader with 14 years of profound experience in the real estate realm. As an Australian citizen, Anil has left an indelible mark on the international market, showcasing his expertise by successfully selling properties across the globe.

His journey began in Australia, where Anil initiated Bindal Homes as a developer, crafting exquisite houses in Melbourne. Not stopping there, he ventured into the unique domain of trading land as a stock, showcasing his dynamic approach to the real estate business.

Anil’s prowess extends to the Indian real estate landscape, where he triumphantly sold the ultra-luxe One Crest project in Chennai. Prior to founding Bindal Homes, he played a crucial role in shaping Gurgaon’s real estate landscape as the General Manager of Business Strategy at Signature Global. Anil’s diverse experience enriches every aspect of our real estate ventures.  His dedication and passion culminated in the inception of Bindal Homes Property Experts in India in December 2023.

Anil Bindal’s legacy is one of innovation, international success, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled real estate experiences. Explore the journey that led to the establishment of Bindal Homes, where each project reflects the vision and expertise of our esteemed Managing Director.

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Meet the Co-Founder

Ankita Agarwal (CEO)

As the co-founder of Bindal Homes Property Experts, Ankita Agarwal contributes to our vision of excellence and personalized service. Her dedication to creating lasting relationships and her keen understanding of real estate dynamics are integral to the success of our endeavors. Together, we are committed to making your real estate experience exceptional.


We know real estate.

We don’t just understand real estate; we breathe it. Our story is a testament to passion, expertise, and personalized service. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, trust us to navigate the real estate landscape. Let’s turn your vision into reality. Contact us today.